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How to Design a Trade Show Booth

Exhibitors only have between 3 and 5 seconds to grab the attendee's attention at trade shows, so having a well-designed trade show booth is critical to your success at the show. Use these tips to design an effective booth that will keep your company in the mind of potential customer's long after the trade show is over.


  1. Keep the graphics simple by only using one or two sentences to describe the benefits of your company, as well as only using one or two large photos of your products. Trying to fit too much information on your graphics will confuse attendees and will look cluttered and unorganized. Keep it simple for a clean, strait-to-the-point design.
  2. Strategically place your logo on your exhibit. Including it on the booth's header, signage, and any other marketing materials will be much more memorable. Keep the logo at eye level in order for your audience to easily see it as the approach your display. If you are using a table cover, logos can be imprinted on it.
  3. Keep the traffic coming by adding an activity or presentation that will keep your audience engaged. This could mean holding a hands-on product demonstration, adding technology to your booth, giving out free items, or holding a drawing. Give attendees a reason to stop by your exhibit by using one of these ideas.

QR codes will also hold your audience's attention. They can be placed anywhere on your display and as soon as they are scanned by a tablet or smart phone, the potential customer will be taken to your website or another landing page.

QR codes are increasing in popularity and will allow attendees to easily view more information about your company.


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